Persistent Pain Program

Description of Service

The Persistent Pain Program delivers comprehensive, high quality, client-centered care through a unified interdisciplinary team – collaborating with primary care providers to serve the needs of those living with persistent pain in Grande Prairie, Fairview, Grimshaw and area.

What We Do

We are a unified multidisciplinary team that includes Nurse Case Managers, a Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists, Social Workers, Dietitians, and Mental Health Therapists.  We collaborate with primary care providers and work together through a client-centred approach.

Patients are engaged in individual treatment plans that focus on self-management of chronic pain and improving quality of life. Treatment is implemented using a bio psychosocial model of care.  Patient reassessment with adjustments to treatment plans is ongoing over a 12-month period with most patients expected to reach their treatment goals within a 3-6 month period.

How Referrals Are Made

Referrals to the Persistent Pain Program are accepted from PCN physicians only. New patients are invited to attend an orientation session to decide if they would like to become part of the program.

Core Principles

Our program follows the following core principles of assessment and management of pain:

  • Pain is subjective; the patient’s self-report of pain is the single most reliable indicator of pain.
  • Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience, impacted by both internal and external factors.
  • Pain is not an accurate guide to tissue health or tissue healing and can exist even when no physical cause can be found.
  • Persistent pain is the result of an overactive pain alarm system.
  • The pain alarm system is able to adapt and learn.
  • Medication is only one of a variety of treatment modalities used in managing persistent pain.
  • Effective management of chronic pain requires an interdisciplinary approach.
  • Self-management is critical to sustainable persistent pain management.
Program Delivery

The Grande Prairie PCN Persistent Pain Program is delivered in a variety of ways including individual appointments, group sessions, workshops, and classes such as the self-management group, goals workshop, meditation workshop, core strengthening class, and yoga class.

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