The Transformation Team

Description of Service

The Transformation Team works with physicians and their staff to facilitate practice-level changes in primary care delivery in support of the Patient’s Medical Home model of care. The Patient’s Medical Home model helps physicians organize and prioritize activities to best meet the needs of their patients in a complex and ever-changing healthcare environment. It helps physicians deliver the care they want to deliver and practice with less stress, while developing deeper relationships with their patients. The Transformation Team includes a Program Manager, Practice Facilitators, and a Nurse Educator.

Contact The Transformation Team by phone at 780-539-9204 or by email at

What We Do
  • Practice-specific decision support tools
  • Measuring performance and creating change
  • Engaging patients in their own care
  • Conduct quality improvement activities
  • Data sharing opportunities across healthcare
  • EMR optimization
  • Team-based care implementation
Who We Support
  • All Grande Prairie PCN physician members and their clinic teams
How To Participate

Contact the The Transformation Team at 780-539-9204

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) model?
PCN evolution is laying the groundwork for every Albertan to have a medical or health “home” anchored by a physician with the support of a broader health care team for improved access, increased services, and ultimately better care.

What is Practice Facilitation?
Practice Facilitators are specially trained individuals who work with community care practices to enable meaningful changes design to improve patients’ outcomes and clinic processes. They help physicians and quality improvement teams to develop the skills they need to implement and adapt evidence-based practices to the specific circumstance of their practice environment. They are a key resource in the transformation toward the Patient’s Medical Home and Health Neighbourhood. Practice Facilitator resources (

Why does change matter?
The health and social needs of patients and communities are changing. The health system itself also continually evolves to meet new demands. The health workforce, including professional and support staff have changing responsibilities and capabilities. Physicians themselves have changing expectations of their role in providing care to patients. Why PMH and Getting Started (

Practice Specific Support
This program stream allows physicians to complement their clinical team with...