What Is PTP?

What is the Practice Transformation Program (PTP)?

Primary Care Transformation is one of four priority initiatives in the GP PCN 2020-2023 Business Plan. The PTP is one of four elements included in this initiative - the other three are the PCN's Transformation Team, Physician Learning and Engagement Events, and the Primary Care Transformation Advisory Committee.

Through the PTP, the PCN provides practice-specific support for transformation engagement and activity which advances the Patient's Medical Home (PMH) implementation. Three streams of support are included in the PTP:

1. Foundations - Provides a supervision stipend for physicians to fully participate in and oversee activity related to foundation elements of the PMH and associated system level reporting.

2. Projects - Provides a supervision stipend to physicians that oversee and engage in approved improvement projects that advance one or more PMH elements.

3. Team-Based Care Integration - Allows physicians to complement their clinical team with a co-located PCN-employed allied health professional. The PCN funds staffing costs and provides a payment to cover the administrative and overhead costs associated with co-location (i.e. office space, EMR access, utilities).

Learn more about the program by reviewing the Implementation Manual.