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Enhanced Clinic Practice

In the Grande Prairie PCN Enhanced Clinic Practice Program, Improvement Facilitators work collaboratively with your PCN-member physician’s clinic to help plan, implement, and evaluate clinical improvement projects.

Improvement Facilitators are involved in a number of improvement initiatives:

  • Help improve patient access, continuity of care, and support the Grande Prairie PCN evolution toward the patient’s medical home model of care

  • Engage clinics to develop quality improvement plans and facilitate team-based care

  • Teach and optimize Electronic Medical Record (EMR) use within clinics

  • Implement province-wide PCN initiatives such as Alberta Screening and Prevention (ASaP)

  • Monitor data from clinics that tracks timely access for patients, patient experiences, and screening measures

  • Offer assistance with streamlining processes within clinics

  • Act as a link between local clinics and other PCN initiatives

The Enhanced Clinic Practice Program also supports:

  • Training sessions to help optimize Electronic Medial Record (EMR) use

  • Provide regular education sessions for all clinical assistants

  • Deliver PCN materials such as referral forms, brochures, etc.

  • Inform clinics about workshops and continuing education opportunities

  • Create and develop chronic disease registries within the EMR

  • Help make processes more efficient in the clinic setting